How to flush the Azure Redis Cache with PowerShell

Recently I was working with a customer and they wanted an easy want to flush their Azure based Redis cache of all key/value pairs. One developer suggested iterating over each of the collection elements and removing the iterated item, another suggestion was to delete and recreate the Redis cache from scratch. Both are valid suggestions but also not efficient ways to simply flush the Azure Redis cache of all data.

So I have written a simple PowerShell script to flush the cache for you.

You will need the ‘StackExchange.Redis.dll’ to be in the same directory as the script as there isn’t a REST client API you can easily call so you need to call the client DLL directly. You can easily get that via the Visual Studio NuGet package and just copy it to the script folder.

From there the script is pretty self explanatory

The code is below:

##Global variables [string]$RedisCacheHost = "<CACHE_ENDPOINT>" [string]$RedisCacheKey = "<CACHE_KEY>" [int]$RedisCachePort = "6380" #Flushes the Azure cache function FlushCache { param( [string] [parameter(mandatory)] $RedisCacheHost, [string] [parameter(mandatory)] $RedisCacheKey, [int] [parameter(mandatory)] $RedisCachePort ) Write-Host "Flushing cache on host - $RedisCacheHost" -ForegroundColor Yellow #connection string $redis_connstr = "$RedisCacheHost,ssl=true,password=$RedisCacheKey,allowAdmin=true" #Add the Redis type from the assembly Add-Type -Path "StackExchange.Redis.dll" -PassThru | out-null #open a connection [object]$redis_cache = [StackExchange.Redis.ConnectionMultiplexer]::Connect($redis_connstr,$null) #Flush the cache $redisServer = $redis_cache.GetServer($RedisCacheHost, $RedisCachePort,$null) $redisServer.FlushAllDatabases() #Dispose connection $redis_cache.Dispose() Write-Host "Cache flush done" -ForegroundColor Yellow } #Get Subscription details $subscription = Get-AzureSubscription -Current -ErrorAction Stop if($subscription -eq $null) { Write-Host "Windows Azure Subscription is not configured or the specified subscription name is invalid." Write-Host "Use Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile and Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile first" return } #Call the function FlushCache -RedisCacheHost $RedisCacheHost -RedisCacheKey $RedisCacheKey -RedisCachePort $RedisCachePort

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